Be Like a Kid!

Will Richardson said something during his blackboard collaborate session T3S3 – The Challenges & Opportunities of Modern Learning which struck a  chord with me. Something I hadn’t realised that I had already embraced and something that I can now identify that frustrates me when I am supporting other teachers’ learning.

“Stop waiting for Professional Development Workshops, if there is something you want to learn, be more like a kid and go out and learn it!”

Photo Credit kids playing with sand image by Cherry-Merry from

Photo Credit kids playing with sand image by Cherry-Merry from

When I see something, hear of something or experience something I want to embrace or use, I find out how!  I determine whether this new skill or understanding will support my teaching, or develop my understanding and I make a choice whether I invest my time in it.

When kids learn things, they share it with their friends, they build their understanding together. When I learn something new or discover something interesting, I share it and try and develop it further. When staff approach me about supporting them to use a tool or develop a skill, I always say yes, or point them to the person or place with more expertise than I.

Instead of being frustrated by colleagues who don’t pursue any learning, I need to address WHY their interest in learning has faded.


5 thoughts on “Be Like a Kid!

  1. I love this post. This is the attitude that I tried to adopt during #etmooc. I figurued I wasn’t one of the experts, there was no marks, so why not play. I have to say that over the last three months I have been more excited about my job and learning than I had been in a couple years. This passion is rubbing off in all areas of my life, my family talks about what I learn we ask each other questions, my colleagues see me smile and ask what’s up, my students and I have deep discussions rather than me imparting knowledge…. KIDS ROCK

    • Thanks Erin, I completely agree with the importance of attitude. If you are prepared to “have a go” it’s amazing what you can learn. The reckless abandonment for which kids approach new things is something we should try for at times. I see this in my own children regularly. My daughter is a dare devil, even this evening she asked me how she could get to swim with sharks and if she couldn’t do that then could she skydive!! My son is not so brave when it comes to the physical environment but give him technology and he discovers and develops things that amaze me, as his approach is not one based on fear but exploration. We have so much to learn!

  2. I really enjoyed Will Richardson’s book “Why School?” It really struck me how far one can go if you are motivated to get there. Sometimes I hear teachers talk about how the students seem to be sitting back and waiting to be entertained. I’m wondering why we haven’t sparked those students into wanting to be a part of the entertainment & joy of learning?

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