Digital What?

It seems the last two weeks have flown by and I have completely missed Topic #2 Digital Storytelling! I have not had a chance to catch anything via google+, see anyones creative pieces, nor engage in any #etmchat. I have resorted to just sulk and peek shamefully at the 100plus messages in my gmail 😦 reminding me how much I have missed!

What I HAVE done to keep my learning progressing, is to utilise a few tools to increase the story telling in my classroom and as an example to my peers.

I used videoscribe to tell my own story to my peers in a demonstration, I used the App Dash of Color with my students to tell a story around an image and tonight I played with popcorn webmaker.

I do tend to preach to my peers about deciding the “what” they want to say before choosing the tool in which they “tell” it, but I was so desperate to play that I do admit I started with the tool, then came across this YouTube clip I couldn’t resist! There is something about the “Aussieness” of this (guessing 1970’s) clip that is both embarrassing and endearing.  One regret was that I did not create my account first. As a result I lost my entire project, which I then had to recreate. Definitely sign up first before you start creating to avoid tears!

Check out my creation here – Toad Lovers and Fighters!

Here’s hoping that I can access more of Topic #3 Digital Literacies (fingers crossed).


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