Freshly MOOCed

So I completed my first etmooc session today and to tell you the truth it was really fun! If you suspect a hint of surprise, you would be right.  Having never experienced a MOOC before, even having read a little about it, I was unsure of what to expect. Whilst the session was just an introduction to things that will be covered in the course, it was a great taste of what is to come.

What I have learnt already…

1. There are people from other countries who laugh at my jokes!

The chatroom was a buzz with people connecting/reconnecting, commenting, suggesting and providing information and support via links. It was exciting to see so many people engaged in an opportunity to learn or develop their skills and from so many different professional backgrounds.

2. Alec Couros has a good sense of humour and can tolerate being teased.

Alec is a good sport and exemplified the fun in learning. It was quite impressive how he managed to keep his train of thought, talk and read comments fly by all at the same time. The chatroom did at one point become somewhat of a “Couros love fest” with @gcouros being thrown in there, even though he wasn’t a part of it!

…and on an educational note..

3. Blackboard Collaborate is a great tool.

This was my “virgin” experience of this collaborative tool.  It was CRAZY! I definitely see the value in using this space, however, due the the hoards of people participating, the comment feed flew so fast it was hard to keep up AND contribute/graffiti on the slides Alec was presenting. As one participant suggested though, this forum would possibly not be where the significant learning would occur.  Instead, the development of groups and discussion via twitter or Google+ would be where the connections would come to bear fruit.

4. Plenty of folks are on the same page!

There are many people asking questions similar to mine and responding to prompts similarly.  This provides me with confidence that our collective voice will come up with some really interesting ideas and possibilities.  I am also looking forward to challenging some of the ideas presented. Alec prompted us to discuss what is digital literacy? It was amazing to see so many comments that were fear based.  This will be an interesting discussion me thinks!

5. Plenty of folks are on a different page!

There are many people within the etmooc crowd that are well established digital contributors and it is heartening to see their willingness to help those with less advanced skills/experiences. It was also great to see so many people taking the “ski jump” (as Alec showed) and entering the blogosphere and twitterland for the first time.


Needless to say that the first etmooc session has left me enthused for the next round, bring it on!



6 thoughts on “Freshly MOOCed

  1. A great summary ! This is my first MOOC too and I enjoyed the introduction session as well! I believe that one of the best results of participating in this will be the new connections we make. My first online course about 3 years ago, gained me some wonderful connections who have contributed to my professional development ever since. Thanks for sharing !

    Celia @ccoffa

    • Thanks Celia! I have completed training online, but never an interactive one. It makes all the difference being able to connect. Closed training restricts a broader view and experience. Connecting with people from so many different backgrounds and professions, with different passions and objectives is incredible. Loving it so far, I look forward to engaging more via twitter and #etmooc 🙂

  2. Great to read how much you gained from and enjoyed the first session. I missed it but am hoping to catch up later in the week. I have never used blackboard collaborate before so thanks for the heads up on how frantic it gets. I am a bit in awe of the obvious skill and knowledge of some participants but I guess it also means there will be plenty of people to learn from.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Mary! I agree, there are definitely people with infinitely more experience and expertise than some of us, but you have to start somewhere! I hope you have managed to catch up on the craziness, and have the next session highlighted in your calendar as a “not to miss”. Thanks for connecting 🙂

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